Week 11: Boramae Safety Center!


This week the whole second grade was able to go on our first field trip… to the Boramae Safety Center! While we were there we learned how to react to certain natural disasters, and what to do if there is ever a fire.

First we learned about earthquakes… after which we had to go into a room set up like an apartment, we sat around a table, and then we were hit with a 7.o earthquake! The students were able to grab a cushion and get under the tables quickly.


After we learned about earthquakes we headed over to the Typhoon Experience Hall!

I wasn’t able to take any pictures during this experience because of the wind!

Once we were done there, we headed over to the Fire Experience Hall. The students were able to use fire exstinguishers to put out fires (not real, of course). We also sang some songs in a noraebang room and learned the best way to leave a building if it caught on fire.


Once we finished going through all of the safety experience halls we watched a short 4-D movie about the department building that collapsed in 1995 here in Seoul.

The students had a great time, and more importantly, learned a lot about safety! We were able to eat lunch in the Boramae Park, it was a beautiful day!



2 thoughts on “Week 11: Boramae Safety Center!

  1. Hi what is the address of this safety center? I’ve been Googling for info on this place but I couldn’t seems to find any. Any website? Can we just go to the place or do we need to make reservation?

    • Hello Kimmie!

      Unfortunately it is only in Korean… they don’t do tours in English or offer translation (we had teachers who were able to translate):

      here is the address and phone number:

      보라메 안전체험관
      서울특별시 동작구 신대방동 460-26


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