Week 37: Getting Ready for the Garden Show!

Hello 2B parents. Students started to pick out their poems last week and are ready to publish their final book.  We also had our final rehearsals for The Garden Show. The costumes were so wonderful,  you really blew me away with your creativity! They looked amazing on the stage.

We also celebrated Jeremy’s birthday, our last birthday celebration of the year! Happy Birthday Jeremy!

I can’t believe we only have two weeks left of this school year! Here are some important dates to remember:


Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (5/30, 5/31, 6/1)


Field Day! 6/7 (Last Tuesday of school, students will wear P.E. uniforms!)

Week 36: Pacific Pencil Publishing Party!

As the school year is coming to and end (we only have three more weeks!), we are getting more and more accomplished in the classroom, and beyond the classroom.

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to help out at our second annual Pacific Pencil Publishing Party! It was another huge success, and the students really enjoyed it. And of course, I have pictures!

Important Dates to Remember:

5/25-Dress Rehearsal (full costumes and props need to be brought school by Thursday 5/24)

5/28- Musical Performance

5/30, 5/31, 6/1- MAP Testing

6/5- Field Day




Week 35: Sign Language

Hello and sorry for this late post updating you on last week! 🙂

2B did an amazing job last Friday leading chapel for the last time. Thank you to Helen’s mom for finding us small enough white gloves to be able to use during our signing! Our book buddies from 5A also got to join us to do a body worship to the song Supernatural.

Currently, we are also writing poems together with our 5A Book Buddies. This week, 2B students will perform a two-voice poem they wrote with their buddy at the fifth grader’s Poetry Cafe.

Here is a glimpse of them writing their poems!



We also had our talent show last Friday and the students all did an amazing job!

Important dates to remember:

5/18- Pacific Pencil Publishing Party

5/25-Dress Rehearsal (full costumes and props need to be brought school)

5/28- Musical Performance

5/30, 5/31, 6/1- MAP Testing

6/5- Field Day

If you have any questions about costumes or props please feel free to ask me or Ms. Lee!

Thank-You PTO!

Last week in honor of Children’s Day, each elementary student (and the teachers^^) got a back pack with full of goodies from the PTO. I saw a bunch of the students sporting their new back packs at school today!

Aren’t they slick?!

Week 34: Practice Makes Perfect

Hello 2b parents! This past week 2B spent a lot of time working on our sign language to one of the songs we are singing this Friday at chapel. I am so very, very proud of them.  They are also working very hard on the musical. Everyone should have received an e-mail about costumes and props. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Important Dates to Remember:

5/11- Talent Show

5/18- Pacific Pencil Publishing Party

5/25-Dress Rehearsal (full costumes and props need to be brought school)

5/28- Musical Performance

5/30, 5/31, 6/1- MAP Testing

6/5- Field Day

The end of the year is always a busy and exciting time!


Pacific Pencil Publishing Party

Dear Elementary School Parents;

We are pleased to announce that the date for our second annual Pacific Pencil Publishing Party and Art Exhibition has been set for Friday May 18th.  Each family should have received an invitation with details of the day last week.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Mr. Massiah and Mrs. Sea

Week 33: Poems, poems, and more poems!

I have been surprised and blessed to see how creative 2B students can be. They are all such amazing poets! This week we got a chance to meet up with our book buddies in 5A and hear some of their poems, as well as write a poem together.

Here are the students working hard during writing workshop!

The musical is coming along nicely as well. The second grade is learning a lot about plants and gardens. Words we have learned so far:

weeds, spores, fungus, photosynthesizing, fuel, engine, stereo, pollen, mold, compost

Quiz your students on these words, see if they can remember what they mean!

Check out the different pages to keep up to date on what we are doing in each subject area!

Week 32: Learning About Volcanoes

This week 2B got the chance to learn about volcanoes from our book buddies, Ms. Kim’s Class from 5A! First they came in and gave a lesson, the next day they reviewed and gave their “students” (my students!) a quiz.

Then, today we got the chance to see them “erupt” the volcanoes they made:

I was so impressed by how much information 5A students taught my students. They remember so much about volcanoes, I hope they also remember that much about multiplication, and plants, and reading, and writing poetry! ^^